Questions to Ask About Cloud Backup Services

Cloud computing

Moving to a cloud backup solution as part of your overall IT services vision can be a daunting proposition because the nature of cloud computing challenges some core beliefs about computers and networking that people may hold.  These beliefs derive from the days before the internet opened up such radically new possibilities for the organization of both workflow and data.

In order to become more comfortable with the concept of cloud storage, businesses should discuss several key issues with their managed services providers during the initial exploration phase of the project.  These key issues include what modifications need to be made to the organization's current network infrastructure in order to accommodate a cloud storage solution.  Consider all aspects of the solution, including both installation and the troubleshooting and monitoring that will occur after initial implementation.

Another concern businesses should discuss in advance is how interoperable the new system will be.  Will the cloud backup solution only work with physical and virtual machines running a Microsoft Windows 7 OS, or is it more flexible, seamlessly integrating with Linux and Apple products as well?  Also, inquire about interoperability with mobile devices.  Even if your business does not heavily use them for workflow at this time, it may well be true that within five years your approach could have shifted to include them.

Security is another concern many organizations have in relation to cloud storage.  Businesses should inquire about the data protection systems in place and ask for details of the encryptions methods.


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