Networks Should Run Storage Performance Analysis


Whether a business is running a physical server or virtual server environment, a program or plug-in to analyze how efficiently storage is performing is one of the most important monitoring tools needed.  IT services administrators use such tools to recognize when additional storage capacity is needed and to improve the utilization of existing storage.  The need for storage performance analysis is sometimes overlooked in business organizations because in most cases, systems and networks will run out of memory resources before they use up all allocated storage. 

Calendar Triggers for Storage Issues

Nevertheless, storage issues can have a huge impact on the performance of systems in both virtualized and physical environments.  When it comes to virtual machines and the needs of the retail sector, inadequate storage provisions may have the most impact during predictable periods that are associated with high demand on the part of shoppers.  These periods include the Christmas season and in particular ‘Black Friday’, the Friday after Thanksgiving – generally regarded as the busiest single shopping day of the year.

System Event Triggers for Storage Issues

It is also true that other system processes can consume storage resources and cause disruptions to workflow that depends on them.  One example would be when a virus scan or analysis is running inside a virtual machine.

A well-rounded managed program approach to providing IT support will include the use of storage performance analysis tools to identify storage issues and needs in a proactive way.


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