SonicWALL Releases Application-Aware Firewalls


SonicWALL has long been a leading innovator in the field of data protection via firewalls.  That legacy of innovation has jumped forward again with the release of two new program series designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses as well as branch office operations of larger companies.  Both the NSA 220 Series and the NSA 250M Series are considered "next generation firewalls" for their ability to be deployed on a highly flexible basis that still maintains intrusion prevention that his tightly integrated at the application level.

When installed and administered as part of a managed program model, these new versions of SonicWALL can provide robust security without lowering performance standards for the detection and quarantine of malware threats that attempt to enter the system. 

Dmitriy Ayrapetov, who manages network security product lines for the company, sees the two new series as particularly useful for businesses that operate more than one physical office.  "In distributed environments with multiple branch offices, the security at the periphery must be as good as the security at the core," remarked Ayrapetov.  "With the introduction of the NSA 220 and 250M, branch offices now have full deep packet inspection security for their entire network, including SSL-encrypted traffic while being able to take control of all the applications on their network.  SonicWALL is the only company to deliver this scanning capability in this class of products."

Other key advantages to these series include a detailed set of analytics for examining traffic entering at the application level as well as tools to evaluate utilization of valuable company bandwidth.


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