IT Consulting and Online Services

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Businesses considering using online services for document management should consider working with a highly qualified IT consulting firm to help guide them toward a final decision.  The number of such services has proliferated in recent years, and while some of these services offer an overlapping menu of advantages and benefits, there are also key differences among them that should be considered in advance of making a company's documentation needs dependent on them.

Three Serious Contenders

Online document management is available from Google Apps for Business, Zoho Docs, and Microsoft's Office 365.  Google Apps is perhaps the most familiar to many users since individuals in the business may already be using it for online editing and storage of personal documents.  In addition, companies with fewer than ten users may be able to use Google Apps without cost.  Larger organizations will have to pay a per-person cost on a monthly or annual basis.

Zoho Docs offers a flexible pricing model that can be as low as $3 per month, though this version is stripped of some features.  Office 365 prices services variably according to the number of users a business intends to use its robust suite of online features.  Businesses with fewer than 25 users will pay $6 per month per user, while larger organizations may pay as much as $27.  Per-service pricing is also available.

Price information becomes more valuable when it is paired with details about available features and how those features can dovetail into an organization's existing data management processes.  In order to make an educated choice, businesses should work closely with an IT consultant who has proven experience in online document management systems.


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