Security Solutions for the Public Cloud

Cloud computingWhen polled, management staff and small and medium businesses routinely indicate that their greatest concern about moving – or moving more fully – to IT solutions based in the public cloud is the issue of data security.  While this concern is certainly valid, industry experts have pointed out that the cloud, even a public model of it, is not inherently more dangerous than a company's in-house data environment.  No matter where a business vests its data resources, excellent security software and procedures are essential.

Encryption Solutions

However, the good news about cloud computing is that as technology advances, IT companies using a managed services model to provide businesses with support are increasingly harnessing sophisticated solutions to provide not just data protection but also application security.  Encryption is playing a larger role in these security solutions, with businesses making sure that their data is fully encrypted inside their data centers before it enters the cloud-computing environment. 

Identity Authentication Solutions

The United States federal government devotes significant resources to helping the World Wide Web become a more secure environment.  One of its latest initiatives is to establish a Trusted Identities in Cyberspace program.  This program will be overseen by the Department of Commerce and led by the National Program Office, a new department established by the Obama administration.  The goal of the program is to develop an identification solution that will help businesses protect themselves against those attempting fraudulent entry.  As the Trusted Identities program identifies solutions, businesses can rely on their managed services providers to help implement them.


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