An Example of Mobile Integration

One way in which a managed program model for IT services can improve business efficiency is by helping organizations to integrate the use of mobile devices more thoroughly into their workflow.  The Windows 7 phone is an example of a technological device that can accomplish this, particularly when it is paired with the installation of Office 365 throughout the company.  These two products can work together to provide seamless integration of data and tasks for employees, whether they are present in the home office, working from a field office, or are out on the road consulting with clients and generating new business.

The Windows 7 phone / Office 365 combination is powerful because Office 365 takes a cloud computing approach to workflow.  Documents such as company memos, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets and databases detailing client information can be stored in a shared environment known as SharePoint.  These can be accessed by all employees with the correct privileges so that collaborative use and editing can take place – more than one person can even access a document at the same time.

Adding a Windows 7 phone to the mix provides employees with a fast and easy way to access all Office 365 company documents from their mobile device, which means they are no longer tethered to a computer in order to complete tasks depending on those documents.  This puts the "home office in your pocket”, and brings a new level of efficiency to employees both while they are on the road as well as during non-traditional working hours.

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