Increasing Pace of Change Makes IT Staff Augmentation Essential

IT ConsultantAn old maxim states that technology doubled in capacity about once per decade. But with the advent of the World Wide Web, cloud computing, and virtualization, that figure has now realistically become closer to every five years.  Since this kind of growth is geometric in nature, that means that in just the two decades since the internet became a business tool, enterprises have had to deal with a 32-fold increase in computing capacity.  

With this enormous growth has come a huge range of applications and services designed to streamline businesses and make them both more efficient and profitable.  The very pace of this change, however, presents enterprises with challenges in harnessing all this computing energy. 

The IT Staffing Challenge

The primary challenge rests in the fact that in-house IT personnel are limited by their very nature.  Since businesses can only afford to fund a certain number of positions, the technical knowledge they have on call at any one moment is limited to the aggregate experience and skills present in the division.  This may well be enough to keep up with the enterprise's routine maintenance needs, but it is unlikely to allow them to keep current with what the latest technology can do for them as it continues to expand.

The Staff Augmentation Solution

The solution to this dilemma lies with staff augmentation.  By working with an IT consulting firm, enterprises can keep up with the pace of change because they will have access to a much larger network of experts, each one of which stays up to date with developments in one or more fields in information technology.


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