Improving IT Services With Security Audits

IT AssessmentIT departments in businesses large and small frequently feel they cannot do the best possible job because their budget is too constrained.  This should be of grave concern to management and investors since information security is one of the key requirements of any business in the 21st century, no matter what the enterprise's core competencies may be.  Heads of IT departments can request additional monies through official channels, but as anyone who has ever worked in an enterprise knows, funds are usually scarce and departments far removed from IT also have pressing needs for additional funds.

A creative solution to this challenge to improving IT services is for the internal IT staff to spend some of their existing funds on a security assessment or audit.  The results of such an audit will reveal key vulnerabilities to management in writing and make clear the importance of finding additional resources for the IT department.  However, in order for this solution to be successful, it is of prime importance that the audit or assessment is conducted by an outside IT company such as a consulting firm. 

The Importance of a Third Party Consultant

There are two reasons why a third party consultant is necessary for this endeavor.  Primarily, consultants can look at the infrastructure and software components of a network with fresh eyes because they were not present as the system was built up over time.  Enterprise employees will likely have grown so used to the "quirks" in their system that they no longer notice all the vulnerabilities those quirks may expose.  Secondly, an outside IT solutions expert will not be embroiled in inter-departmental politics; this alone will lend additional weight to the words of wisdom they provide after the audit has been completed.    


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