VMware View 5 Cuts Desktop Costs in Half

VirtualizationOne of the benefits of virtualization is a dramatic reduction in enterprise costs.  These cost savings are realized through the reduction of separate hardware and software for each user workstation.  Virtualized applications run through a central cloud-based server mean that users can access the software they need by using units that are scaled down from the traditional desktop containing its own hard drives and installed applications. 

Early "terminal" services were an attempt at this approach to delivering IT services to employees, but they suffered from fatal flaws.  Among these was the fact that workspaces in terminal systems were generally not personalized; they followed a "one environment fits all" design, which was all the computing hardware at the time was capable of delivering. 

Today's modern virtual desktops are another story entirely.  Complete personalization can enable users to pursue their workflow in a rich environment that contains the applications and special settings that they need in order to work at their most efficient level, yet each employee is working off of a central server – a circumstance that means up to a 50% reduction in total costs when compared to supplying each employee with a separate desktop computer to provide this personalized environment.

Other Advantages of VMware View 5

This latest version of VMware View also offers managed services staff a completely automated central console from which to administer the system.  Resources can be allocated on a dynamic basis so that they are utilized more fully, and desktop services can be organized in ways that help to prevent the kinds of glitches that traditionally lead to unproductive downtime.


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