Use of Virtualization Spreading to Essential Business Applications

VirtualizationA recent study conducted by Symantec has found that server virtualization is spreading to business enterprises around the world, with more than three-quarters of large businesses reporting that they either have implemented the strategy or are in the process of adopting some aspects of it.  These findings include hybrid cloud computing as a virtualization strategy.

The report also reveals that enterprises are moving ahead with virtualization plans in a cautious manner because they want to make sure those applications critical for their business operations are not disrupted.  Concerns about loss of data or downtime for applications means that companies are adopting a managed programs strategy in phases as they become more comfortable in the new technology and gain faith in its capacity to deliver a robust business-computing environment. 

The Most Virtualized Applications

Many enterprises currently enjoying the benefits of virtualization have chosen to move their employees' web browsing onto a virtualized platform.  Companies also appear to include database applications and email retrieval and storage in their virtualization comfort zone.

The Future of Virtualization in Business

Fully one-third of business enterprises currently using virtualization already plan to expand such IT services into areas considered more essential for their operations.  These areas include human resources and accounting. 

The decision of enterprises to virtualize more of their computing functions reveals a growing understanding of both the benefits and stability that are present in a virtualized environment.  As more enterprises gain confidence in virtualization, its use is bound to spread even further.


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