Improving Storage Functioning in a Virtualized Environment

virtualizationThe advantages of working in a virtualized environment are many and varied, but along with this shift in an enterprise's basic approach to data come some challenges.  No matter how well designed a storage solution for a virtualized environment is, it will sometimes still present challenges to be resolved.  One excellent way of administering solutions is to implement a managed programs approach to your IT services structure.  This will ensure that experts are regularly assessing the system and making adjustments to storage systems, which will in turn minimize disruptions to the regular daily work carried out by enterprise employees.

Connectivity Issues Can Impact Storage

If storage locations appear to be non-functional or functioning only sporadically, sometimes a hardware issue is the culprit.  This does not merely mean that cables are all attached correctly; it can also mean that the way hardware storage is presenting itself to the virtualization host may need adjustment.  Some storage may need to be moved into a different zone in the virtualized network for connections to function as intended.

Locking Issues Can Impact Storage

Another issue that can cause storage challenges is the prevalence of locking in file systems.  There are some situations in which files must be locked.  These include cases where files are being shared between several users. 

Although file locking can be useful, sometimes it can result in data not being stored.  This happens when the file is locked for use by another user even though it is being worked on and changed by more than one user at that time.  Most experts recommend that a minimum locking strategy should include each file system's table of contents. 


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