Maintain Customer Trust and Loyalty Through Managed Services

Recent news events have made consumers more aware than ever before that data stored on company servers needs to be protected with a variety of security measures in order to keep it from becoming compromised.  With growing public awareness of the challenges present in a networked corporate world, business enterprises will see their reputations enhanced or degraded according to their decisions in this regard.

A current example of the latter situation is Sony, whose security measures have not been robust enough to fully secure the names and passwords of accounts on its entertainment networks, including the PlayStation console platform.  Even though only a tiny percentage of its users have been compromised, less than one-tenth of one percent according to reports, the intrusions have made national news, leading to a possible loss of confidence in the company's IT solutions as a whole.  In addition, even that small percentage represents almost 100,000 customers who now may feel less than satisfied with continuing to do business with the company.

Situations such as these become less likely when enterprises implement a managed services model for their information technology resources.  In a managed services model, data is remotely administered by personnel with expertise in several areas, including cyber security.  Programs designed to detect intrusions and other events of concern mean that monitoring can takes place seven days a week, 24 hours a day, giving an enterprise the best possible chance of stopping intrusions before they can do any serious damage to the company's reputation and relationship with its customers.

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