Scale-Out Storage: Solutions and Advantages - iCorps

Most small and medium-sized businesses are well aware of the crucial importance of controlling costs across the entire spectrum of their organizations, including costs associated with their computing environments.  Yet to cut costs in this area can often result in repercussions across a wide range of departments, since in the current business world, most enterprises rely heavily on IT solutions to help them carry out their core competencies.

One way to control IT costs without causing a negative impact on other enterprise operations is to opt for scale-out storage.  This storage mechanism is rapidly becoming one of the most important techniques businesses employ in this area.

What is Scale-out Storage? 

Scale-out storage refers to a storage mechanism that is designed from the first to be modular.  Enterprises purchase at the outset as much storage capacity as they will reasonably need in the near term.  A highly skilled IT consultant with expertise in evaluating storage needs is crucial for this step and those that follow, since a properly organized scale-out storage solution will be designed to "grow" along with the enterprise itself.  In this model, additional storage modules are purchased and installed when and only when the enterprise has grown enough to need them brought online.

Advantages of Scale-out Storage

The primary advantage of scale-out storage is cost containment.  By starting out only with the amount of storage needed at that time, initial investments in IT are kept under control, with future purchases funded through the increased revenues that a growing business can be expected to generate.


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