Exchange 2010 Offers Functional Email Archiving

10/11/11 12:46 PM Gaynor Hay Microsoft, Software

Exchange 2010Before Exchange 2010 was released, networked users of Microsoft workstations had fewer options for the creation of email archives.  The most typical method used was moving email into Microsoft Outlook and creating personal archives using its functionality. 

This method had obvious drawbacks at the institutional level since there was no centralized repository of email information and usually, each employee was responsible for creating and maintaining his or her own archive.  In such a situation, some workers will be diligent about creating backups and others will relegate the task to the back burner, performing it only sporadically or when other projects have reached the completion stage.

Email Archiving in Exchange 2010

IT solutions that incorporate Exchange 2010, however, can implement the idea of a personal archive from the start, enabling employees to maintain their personal email records in a centralized location in the database.  This makes the record of their emails much more secure from a backup standpoint.  In addition, with Exchange 2010, search functions can seamlessly access both primary and archived mailboxes, making the email archive itself far more useful both to the individual employee and to management personnel who may need to find data in the archive for any number of reasons.

At the same time, however, the use of personal archives helps to reduce the storage "footprint" of the primary mailbox used for day-to-day activities.  In this way, efficiency in the use of storage media such as disk space is increased, which lowers enterprises costs.


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