7 Reasons Why Businesses Are Choosing Microsoft Cloud Services

Moving on-premises servers or applications to the cloud is common practice in today's competitive business landscape. With increased emphasis placed on data security, some businesses still worry about the privacy and security measures in place to protect their information. While there are many cloud providers to choose from, Microsoft has differentiated itself as a leading contender in the cloud race due to its secure and scalable cloud services.

Here Are 7 Reasons Businesses of All Sizes Are Moving to Microsoft Cloud Services:


[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Reasons to Move to the Microsoft Cloud

Scaling Up with Microsoft Azure

Azure now accounts for much of Microsoft's largest business segment and is fundamentally changing its users' experience. By prioritizing customization, and refining tools for greater business insight, Azure is changing the landscape for SMBs looking to grow in 2020. Here are five exciting ways this cloud leader is doing so:  

  1. Integrated Security Solutions

    • The cloud provider has coupled this with security solutions such as threat detection for suspicious user behavior, DDoS protection against malicious web traffic, and Azure AD for Single-Sign-On and identity management. 
  2. AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics

  3. Convergent, Open Source Platforms and Integrations

    • The Azure portal has become highly personalized, making it easier for users to add and deploy their preferred resources, data sources, and devices. 
  4. Smarter IoT Devices in the Cloud

    • Microsoft has developed Azure IoT Central - a fully managed platform that offers enterprise-level IoT project templates.
  5. Dynamic Pricing Structure for SMBs

    • This year, Microsoft will be expanding Azure's pricing model to better match project volume and need.

If your business is looking to optimize its cloud spend, or migrate to a platform such as Microsoft Azure, now is the time to do so. For information about getting the most out of your Azure cloud, reach out to iCorps for a free consultation

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