7 Reasons Your Philadelphia Business Needs IT Outsourcing

Whether you want to realign your existing technology or employ something new, it helps to work with experts to accurately align your IT investments with your business objectives. Before we get into it, let's clear the air on what we mean by "outsourcing," a term that is rife with connotations (good and bad). We're essentially referring to finding a local, reliable partner that is dedicated to taking IT off your plate. IT outsourcing basically means someone else can sit in the driver's seat of your IT roadmap, so that you can focus on what actually matters: your core business.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why It Makes Sense for Businesses in Philadelphia to Consider Outsourced IT:

1. Address Mobility Challenges

In a world where even small businesses have a global audience and need to connect remote workers to company information and systems, mobility is huge. The 2014 SMB Mobile Solutions Study reveals that 60 percent of small businesses attest to the fact that managed mobility services play an irreplaceable role in business development. This is particularly relevant for companies who target Generation Y, as Philly's millennial population is growing the fastest, out of the ten largest United States cities. The study also reveals that mobile access is no longer a compliment to existing applications in businesses; instead, mobility is replacing more traditional strategies. However, with mobility comes new issues, threats and need for more IT infrastructure. It is an economical and smart idea to outsource to a company that will help you design a framework that assures compliance, control, and user accountability.

2. Boost Your On-Premise and Remote Accessibility

The major communications challenges facing small businesses today include constant accessibility (both to the client and each other), having technical resources to make that happen, and incorporating these systems into other aspects of their business, such as finance and accounting. The competitive nature of Philadelphia's business market does not give your organization much mercy for slow response times, inability to respond to client issues immediately, and slow internet speed. A strong IT partner prioritizes the availability of its clients' IT systems, can assess internet service options and ensure that you're leveraging cloud services that offer higher availability than traditional all on-premises environments.

3. Cost Effective IT Solutions

Forbes Magazine ranks Philadelphia at 173 in the cost of doing business, a concern for investors, and more so for SMBs. A customized, all-in-one managed IT program is one way to get more out of your technology budget. Ongoing, proactive technology management makes your IT spend more steady and predictable. Finding a partner with a deep bench of IT experts with diverse technology experience will also ensure that you don’t have to hire extra in-house personnel when a special project comes along or your business grows.

4. Top Notch Industry Expertise

Could you hire a couple of talented technology gurus for your IT department? Sure, but what about a company full of IT whizzes who are required to stay abreast of the latest technologies and certifications to keep their job? That's the the type of coverage and value you get with outsourced IT. Disaster recovery, security audits, and cloud strategies are critical for any business in the current technology-driven age. However, figuring out where to start and finding the time to tackle these priorities can be overwhelming. Any IT company with years of experience in these areas and a bench of top-notch consultants should be able to tackle these important initiatives in their sleep. The best IT partners, however, will also understand your business needs and objectives to ensure their implementing solutions and policies that align with your present and future business objectives. 

5. IT Strategy for a Competitive Market

The startup rate in Philadelphia is growing exponentially, according to a JLL Outlook 2015 report. No matter what stage of growth a business is in, Philly companies must embrace new technological ideas, practice authenticity, and be relevant to stay afloat. However, true different thinking can be difficult when your organization’s resources and knowledge constrain you. Turning to an "outsider," particularly those that are well versed in innovative strategies, can help you think past the here-and-now and navigate periods of change or growth.

6. Improved Business Efficiency

An IT company brings you expertise on day-to-day operations that could take you years and extensive resources to build. From working faster to collaborating easier to reducing reliance on paper, there are always ways that a business can be improving. They already have the industry’s relevant data, shortcuts, and solutions to anticipated challenges in your tech department. They can help your business run smoother, and consequently, enable expansion. 

7. Robust Cybersecurity

Experts predict that the cost of data breaches will skyrocket to over $2.1 trillion by 2019 – four times the estimated cost in 2015. Cybercrime threatens businesses in any industry from all angles, even their reputation. It is no longer about whether you will be targeted, but when. In 2017, your business can learn from Philadelphia’s major data breaches in the last couple of years and work with an expert to stay safe. Security scams such as ransomware have risen to astonishing levels. Outsourcing these challenges to a service provider that can handle disaster recovery, ensure your data and systems are backed up, and provide you with the most modern solutions for safeguarding your business is not just a smart, but necessary. Feel free to reach out for a free business IT consultation today, and get the conversation started.  

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