5 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Ransomware Attack (VIDEO)

It feels like the ransomware attacks just aren't letting up these days. With two major cybercriminal acts (WannaCry and Petya) already on the books for 2017, the cyber-attacks show no sign of slowing down. In fact, ransomware damage costs are predicted to reach five billion dollars by the end of the year, hitting the United States the hardest. It is imperative that businesses remain more vigilant than ever through effective ransomware prevention. The following video will give you five important steps your business can take immediately to help prevent a ransomware attack.

Effectively Protecting Your Business from Ransomware


Top 5 Ransomware Facts for SMBs and How to Effectively Combat Them:

  1. Patch your operating systems, applications, and network regularly.

  2. Keep systems, such as Windows 10, up to date and running the latest version. Modern operating systems incorporate sophisticated security technology.

  3. Employee education should be ongoing and proactive. Don't click on unknown links or download suspicious attachments.

  4. Managed security allows you to enlist the help of a third-party provider to ensure your network's endpoints are protected. Look for a service that provides deep packet inspection, intrusion detection and prevention, gateway anti-virus protection, web content filtering, 24x7 monitoring, and more.

  5. Back up your business-critical information with an off-site cloud service. This allows you to restore your environment in the event of a security incident or natural disaster.


Don't let the threat of ransomware take hold of your business. Proactive security solutions can keep your business data, infrastructure, and employees safe. For more information about securing your data, reach out to iCorps for a free consultation

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