IT Network Technology Assessments & Reasons You Should Have Them

When it comes to your IT network, it is easy to adopt a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude. If your network is performing with limited interruption, then why create headaches that don’t exist, right? That logic might make sense if you were thinking short-term about your business. But in working with hundreds of SMBs across the Northeast, we know that long-term thinking and planning is a must when it comes to creating a symbiotic relationship between technology and business that will ultimately drive your company forward. The truth is any changes made to your technology environment can have a more positive impact, save you money, and enhance your business when you know the ins-and-outs of your IT operations and processes. From fixing a system issue to implementing new technologies, you can optimize the impact of any changes made to your IT network by leveraging a comprehensive IT technology assessment.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Have an IT Technology Assessment Conducted on Your Business’s IT Infrastructure:

1. You Get To Know Your IT Operations

An effective IT technology assessment uses a combination of industry-leading tools, the diverse skill set of a qualified IT consultant and physical hardware inspections to build a detailed deliverable of the current state of your IT network. After taking inventory of the physical system’s design, the experienced IT consultant then takes a look at technology investments and conducts interviews with business stakeholders to get a full understanding of your company’s IT operations and business infrastructure. This roadmap can identify areas that may need improvement, create suggestions for optimized performance, and provide the groundwork for future IT projects.

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2. IT Details How Your Technology Supports Your Business Goals

The success of your business goals depends on the performance of your business operations. Your company’s technology should work to streamline operations and contribute to the success of your business goals. An IT network assessment provides a complete, 360-degree view of the IT environment ensuring that the technology in use is not hindering business operations and productivity and ultimately adding to your company’s success. If you have hardware or systems in place that are out of date or aren’t best configured to meet your company’s unique needs, your technology may not be supporting your business goals. With a detailed look at all of the moving IT parts, you can make sure that your goals (i.e. productivity, mobility, collaboration, savings) are met with help from your technology.

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3. Gauge The Impact Of New Or Different Technology Implementations

Are you considering migrating some applications to the cloud? Or thinking about switching to a different in-house email solution? There is a slew of different factors, precautions and issues such as industry compliance that must be taken into consideration when it comes to these business-changing decisions. An IT technology assessment can help you gauge the impact of changing, upgrading or adding new technologies as well as provide a detailed roadmap to help get you there.

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4. IT Ensures Compliance With Industry Best Practices

A system-wide assessment of your IT infrastructure lets you know if your IT network follows industry best practices. It can also check to make sure your IT components are operating in compliance with industry and governmental regulations. Standards change over time, and the configuration of your IT environment may not reflect the most up-to-date changes which could ultimately put your business at risk. A comprehensive, system-wide assessment will show you whether or not your system is in compliance and can provide details on how to remedy the situation.

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