Are Managed Services Right for Your Organization?

Tue, Feb 12, 2013 Laura Pelkey Managed Services

Managed ServicesGiven the prevailing tough times and anticipation of even more difficult economic times expected ahead, companies are looking towards outsourcing a major chunk of their work to decrease spending. There may come a time when your organization is considering outsourcing a part of your IT infrastructure. Managed Services are becoming prominently utilized in metropolitan markets such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia. A Managed Service Provider can be the ideal IT solution for maintaining and supporting your network infrastructure and operations.

Managed services allow day-to-day responsibilities of IT management to improve operational efficiency by shifting the responsibility to a third party (and often specialized) vendor. This includes outsourcing lifecycle maintenance and production support. Gone are the days when an individual person takes care of the complete IT setup of a firm. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a firm providing IT services like recovery and back up of data, anti-virus, and security.

The best manner to evaluate your IT infrastructure by doing an exhaustive assessment of internal security for making informed decisions and deploying professionals is a good way to ensure smoother operations of your business.

Factors to consider before outsourcing

A number of factors should be considered before taking the services of these Managed Service Providers. These can include the number of data centers and their functions, the number of users relying on the resources housed in, the percentage of virtualized servers, the number of servers as well as their age, processing capabilities, service packs and operating systems.

Also, companies mulling to avail managed services in New York should verify the software and applications in use in the organization and the reliance on customized software. The availability of information in hand can immensely help in making the right decision.

A firm should decide on the strategy to manage IT services keeping a long term view in mind which should be clearly stated and etched in the strategic assessment of the organization’s weaknesses and strengths. You can find details like the need for the network to support mobile workers, role of video conferencing in the communication needs as well as the usage of Voice over IP in the future.


A thorough check needs to be done to know whether employing a Managed Services Provider will produce a structural change. This is because organizations must make the necessary adaptations and reallocate the existing IT resources prudently.

The importance of IT cannot be undermined as the downtime in IT services for even a fraction of time results in loss of productivity, thereby, making a dent in your bottom line.

Different solutions for different companies

A general solution doesn’t work as each setup has complexities different in terms of nature and the requirements. Experienced IT solution consultants can be leveraged to assess your unique environment and help select the best solution to ensure that your technology operates with optimum efficiency.

IT is a good investment