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Plesk Panel Troubles Demonstrate Importance of Managed Security

Plesk Panel IT Security

The most widely used virtualization software in the world is VMware, but other platforms do exist.  One maker of such software, a firm called Parallels, is currently in an unenviable position: looking into claims that its flagship 'Plesk Panel' program lacks sufficient IT security.  Plesk Panel is not itself a virtualization platform, but it rather an administrative tool that helps website managers administer Web hosting servers and perform other tasks related to the management of a website.

VMware Cloud Solutions to Encompass Big Data Tool 'Hadoop'

VMware Cloud Solutions Hadoop

VMware, the world's leading provider of virtualization platforms, has this week announced Serengeti, an open source project that will allow SMBs and other organizations to enjoy simple deployment and management of Hadoop in both cloud and virtual computer ecosystems.  Hadoop is a tool that helps organizations deal with 'big data' needs.  The move is widely regarded as VMware positioning itself to be the ideal provider of virtualization needs for organizations running Hadoop, but it will also help fulfill VMware's eventual goal of being an important player when it comes to integrating big data into cloud environments. 

The Benefits of Virtualization for Data Backup

Virtualization Backup Servers

Virtualization has changed the business world for the definite better in a number of key ways, but perhaps nowhere more so than in the area of backup and restoration.  IT support specialists used to claim that backing up data was a snap, while restoring it when needed could be a major headache.  Virtualization, however, has vastly changed that scenario, almost turning it on its head.  Once VMs (virtual machines) have been successfully backed up, it can be quite fast and simple to restore data as needed.

4 Important Features for Virtual Machine Image Backups

Virtual Machine Image Backup

In any environment leveraging virtualization, an important consideration must be the system's ability to provide thorough and comprehensive backups.  One powerful means for restoring virtual machines is an image-backup arrangement instead of the file-based system that is a common option for non-virtualized computer systems. 

Dealing with the Challenges Posed by Virtualization


The major technological advance known as virtualization has delivered tremendous advantages to the SMBs that have adopted it, but like most forward leaps in computing, these advantages bring with them some new challenges to surmount. When it comes to virtualization, some of the largest challenges concern electrical power consumption and VM management.

Virtualization: 4 Storage Options for VMware Environments

VMware vSphere

The world's leading platform for virtualization is VMware.

Desktop Virtualization: Things to Consider in Advance

Desktop Virtualization

Many SMBs have found the switch to desktop virtualization highly beneficial, but this does not mean that the technology is appropriate in every business circumstance.  Each SMB must evaluate how well this type of end-user computing will meet its own particular needs.  Such an evaluation should include several key considerations.

Are You Ready for Mobile Application Management?

Citrix Systems CloudGateway 2

According to Jesse Lipson, Vice President and Data Sharing General Manager for virtualization leader Citrix, the company's main plan for the smartphone and tablet market is to leverage its web interface, CloudGateway 2, to provide applications to mobile devices, including full support for native HTML 5, iOS and Android apps.  Lipson acknowledges, however, that many companies are not yet ready for the MAM (mobile application management) paradigm.  Instead, small and medium-sized businesses are just beginning to dip their toes into mobile workflow by adopting MDM (mobile device management) systems.

Hyper-V 3.0 Changing Requirements for Attached Storage


Hyper-V version 3.0 is the virtualization platform that will ship along with the newest version of Windows Server, expected to become available to small and medium-sized business customers later this year.  Windows Server 2012 will change the requirements the platform has regarding the need for shared storage.  Previous versions of Hyper-V did not officially require shared storage, but some of its most useful features were only available when such storage was available. 

Virtualization Allows SMBs to Accomplish of a Multitude of Objectives


When the internet was new, early adopters had very little idea of just how far ranging its applications would become.  What seemed at first to be an information repository, sort of a virtual encyclopedia-on-demand, quickly morphed into far more, offering functions as diverse as streaming video, online shopping carts, and real-time stock tickers.  Virtualization is a similar technology in this sense: it can actually be used to accomplish diverse objectives, all of which prove to be of huge benefit to small and medium-sized businesses.

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