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Security Breaches Provide Teachable Moments To Use IT Services

Security Breach

No business organization wants to be the subject of a hacking attack or other security breach, but if one has in fact occurred, the best the organization can do is treat the event as a ‘teachable moment’ that can help it look toward the future to improve security protocols and procedures.  IT consulting firms can be a partner in this process, which also involves the leadership at the affected business stepping up to take responsibility for crafting improved policies for workers to follow.  

Public Key Encryption: New Research Raises Red Flags

Public Key Encryption

Businesses that perform financial transactions online would do well to pay close attention to new research that has emerged about one of the most common encryption techniques used to protect such transactions.  Literally thousands of U.S.-based businesses use the technique, which is commonly known as public key encryption.  In use for more than 25 years, the technique is generally believed to be very secure, but new information arising from recent research may challenge that classification.

IT Consultants Work with the Ice Cream Sandwich


The latest update to Google's popular cell phone platform, Android, has been given the surprising name of Ice Cream Sandwich.  Officially, Ice Cream Sandwich is Android OS version 4.0.  While end-user consumers have enthusiastically received the update, it is also garnering interest in the business world because of added features that may help it become a regular part of company workflow. 

Improving Encryption with IT Consulting Help


The usefulness of USB thumb drives cannot be doubted.  These devices are small enough to fit into the palm of one closed hand, and yet easily enable workers to transport large amounts of data from one computer to another.  Employees of businesses both large and small routinely use them for transferring data they have created at home into their work computers.

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