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VMware Changes Licensing Model for vSphere 5

IT Solutions with Virtual RAM

Businesses that are considering a move to virtualization will want to pay close attention to recent developments at VMware, the world's leading platform for virtualized work environments.  VMware has recently announced that vSphere 5 will be based on a new model for software licensing.  Instead of organizing licensing around the number of CPU cores with memory, the new model envisions licensing as an entitlement of virtual RAM (random access memory) for each CPU in the system.  This new model requires businesses to closely consider the allocation they are licensing, since without such considerations, it is possible that the business would not have enough licensing available to be able to launch a new VM when needed.

Virtualization: Solutions to Storage Challenges

Virtualization and Storage Challenges

Virtualization is a powerful technology that allows businesses a simple and streamlined way to view all of the resources controlled by the hypervisor.  These include not just memory and networked resources but also the CPU itself.  In addition, a virtual application can be manipulated in highly efficient ways without any need for a physical copy of the application to be involved.  In this way, applications can be rapidly reconfigured and redeployed as needed to speed workflow and serve the needs of the employees processing that workflow.  A final advantage of virtualization is the way in which it allows for both servers and desktops to be consolidated and available on demand.

The Varied Uses of Virtualization: Sandboxes

Microsoft Virtualization Sandbox

Even small businesses are now seriously beginning to consider the benefits of virtualization because of its ability to improve productivity even as it reduces costs.  IT solutions that incorporate virtualization can be used in a variety of different ways to achieve these ends.

VMware's vFabric Extends Functionality to Meet Virtualization Needs

VMware vFabric Suite

One of the most important players when it comes to virtualization technologies is VMware.  As of lately, the company is attempting something new with an update to its vFabric application.  The idea behind vFabric is to allow virtualization customers to make better use of the VMware cloud stack.  The prior version of the VMware suite lacked some capabilities, which turned out to be core functionality for some customers; among these was a database system.

How Virtualization Can Fit Your Business

Cost Effectiveness of Virtualization

Virtualization is a computing term that refers to the creation of a virtual solution to a problem rather than a ‘real’ or physical solution. For all intents and purposes, the virtual idea could have the same look, but not feel, of the physical alternative. A touch screen key pad as compared to a physical QWERTY keyboard is a great example of this.

4 New Features in Microsoft's Virtual Machine Manager 2012

Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2012

Microsoft has recently released Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) as part of System Center 2012.  This tool, positioned as a single, unified management system for virtualized environments, lacks support for outdated versions of Microsoft's virtualization platform but supports all versions of Hyper-V that coordinate with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 with Service Pack 2.  It also functions in cooperation with systems using Hyper-V Server 2008 R2.

The Difference Between Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud vs Virtualization

With so many technological developments happening at lightning speed nowadays, it's understandable that many people often confuse specific terminology used.  Among the most common terminology confusions is the difference between cloud and virtualization.

A Managed Programs Model For 'Green' IT Support

IT Sustainability

Maintaining green IT operations can help a company to have a better public image, which in turn can help to make it easier to retain current customers and attract new ones.  While this reason to promote sustainability in company operations is certainly important, it is not the most significant rationale behind the adoption of a green IT approach. 

IT Solutions: 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Ethernet IT Solutions

Wireless connections to the internet are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and other organizations, in part because they allow a company to offer internet access to visitors on the premises.  This can help increase sales in many types of businesses because it gives consumers an additional reason to visit the premises.  Wireless access, however, is not always the best solution for internal employees who make frequent and extensive use of online resources.  These individuals may be much better served by an Ethernet connection, which offers faster data access speeds than those typical of wireless environments.

3 Key Considerations For Sizing Servers: IT Support

IT support

Large corporations moving to a virtualized infrastructure for their systems and networks may have all the expertise needed already on hand.  However, small and medium sized companies would do well to work closely with an IT consulting firm so they have guidance at every step along the way, beginning with one of the most basic steps of all: selection of an appropriate host server.

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