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Combining Virtualization with iSCSI Storage


As businesses expand virtualization strategies in partnership with managed services providers, many of them are beginning to see how an iSCSI storage system can help them maintain a more robust host cluster.

IT Consulting can Solve the Hard Drive ‘Bottleneck’ Challenge

Data management

Sometimes, the need to change can pose a hurdle in business organizations – a hurdle that can be difficult to surmount.  This facet of business life is so widespread, in fact, that a few years ago, it was the subject of the best-selling book, Who Moved My Cheese? Because managers and staff are comfortable with the current way of doing things, they may not realize that the tech world offers wonderful new tools that can provide powerful IT solutions.

Pros and Cons of Removable Disk Storage

Disk storage

Many small and medium-sized businesses prioritize ease of use and simplicity over other considerations when it comes to the provision of IT services.  This is easy to understand, since both these considerations naturally tend to create systems that carry with them a lower cost burden, which in turn increases return on investment and helps the bottom line.  Many such SMBs do not possess native IT staff of their own and rely on managed programs assistance from highly qualified guest personnel they contract with through an IT consulting firm.  Removable disk storage is one IT solution that can fit well into this model.

All about NAS: Network Attached Storage

IT consultant

Most business enterprises are more than familiar with the concept of hard disk storage, both of the internal and external varieties.  Much less familiar is the term NAS, which refers to network attached storage.  This structure also uses a hard drive, but in the case of NAS the drive is configured to interface with more than a single computer.  

Networks Should Run Storage Performance Analysis


Whether a business is running a physical server or virtual server environment, a program or plug-in to analyze how efficiently storage is performing is one of the most important monitoring tools needed.  IT services administrators use such tools to recognize when additional storage capacity is needed and to improve the utilization of existing storage.  The need for storage performance analysis is sometimes overlooked in business organizations because in most cases, systems and networks will run out of memory resources before they use up all allocated storage. 

How Cloud Storage Provides Scalability

Cloud computing

One of the hallmark advantages of a cloud storage IT environment is "scalability" - but what does that term actually mean, and how does it provide a benefit to small and medium-sized businesses? 

Data Storage Options: SAN vs. NAS

Data management

Acronyms are a part of life in the world of information technology.  Two current ones that relate to data storage choices are SAN and NAS.

iSCSI Storage Basics

Data management

iSCSI is a new storage protocol that offers lowered costs along with a simple interface.  This type of storage does not require switches, a hardware technology that is a common feature of storage solutions that use FC (fiber) technology.  Instead, iSCSI storage requires the use of an iSCSI initiator, which is often provided for free.  This initiator serves to connect the server via Ethernet technology to an iSCSI array.  Such connections are inexpensive and easy to both install and maintain.

Improving Storage Functioning in a Virtualized Environment


The advantages of working in a virtualized environment are many and varied, but along with this shift in an enterprise's basic approach to data come some challenges.  No matter how well designed a storage solution for a virtualized environment is, it will sometimes still present challenges to be resolved.  One excellent way of administering solutions is to implement a managed programs approach to your IT services structure.  This will ensure that experts are regularly assessing the system and making adjustments to storage systems, which will in turn minimize disruptions to the regular daily work carried out by enterprise employees.

The Growing Role of Solid State Storage


Solid-state storage is fast becoming a popular option for small and medium-sized businesses because it offers significant advantages over traditional hard drives.  Traditional drives use electromechanical processes to read and write data and include moving parts such as read/write heads and disks that spin at high speeds.  This makes them more susceptible to breakdown than solid-state disks, which feature no moving parts and use microchips to retain data.

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