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Backup/File Synchronization and Cloud-Based Storage, Not the Same

Managed Programs

Cloud-based storage provides important convenience features that can make employees far more productive.  Workers can begin to create or edit a document at work, save the work in progress to the cloud, and continue editing the file on their smartphone during their commute home.  Once home, they can continue again on their home computers if they wish. 

IT Support Firms Help Businesses Evaluate Storage Several Ways


For decades, it has been traditional in both business and computing circles to evaluate IT solutions for storage based solely on the amount of storage being discussed.  First, the megabyte was the new kid on the block, generating excitement, only to give way to the gigabyte and now the terabyte, with no end in sight.  Many businesses now, however, are beginning to realize that a proper analysis of their storage needs and solutions is actually a multi-dimensional issue that needs to incorporate considerations other than size. 

Improve Your Storage Solutions through IT Consulting


IT consultants can provide invaluable assistance to business organizations on a highly diverse number of topics.  Among these is the improvement of storage systems for essential company and customer data.  An IT consulting firm can not only advise businesses as to the various options when it comes to the storage of vital data, but such an IT company can also point out the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. 

Explore Your ‘Wish List’ with IT Consulting


One of the most powerful ways to leverage your relationship with an IT consulting firm is to discuss your ‘IT wish list’ in detail.  When it comes to technology, sometimes the only limit is your own imagination.  You may not know all of the correct terminology to use, but if you can describe the outcome you are trying to reach, an IT consultant may be able to suggest combinations of hardware, software, and cloud-computing resources that can help you achieve your goals. 

How Dell Terascala Helped the University of Minnesota

IT storage

When it comes to intensive computer applications, two concerns generally become paramount: computing power itself, used to generate usable data; and storage space so that data can be maintained for as long as needed.  These two concerns are often interrelated, with advanced programs needing vast amounts of disk space in order to do their work; such space is needed to swap data sets in and out of ongoing calculations.

Understanding Storage Virtualization


Storage virtualization is an important component in many approaches to IT solutions that depend on a managed services model, but the term itself may be unfamiliar to some.  After all, data must eventually be stored on some physical medium, whether that consists of tape drives, traditional hard drives, or solid state drives.  How then can the storage of such data possibly be virtualized?

Parallel File System Storage: Dell Terascala HPC


Data storage is one of the most important infrastructure needs in today’s highly computerized business environment.  One effective way to address this need is through the Dell Terascala HPC storage system.  The Terascala HPC is both cost effective and highly scalable, making it an ideal match for companies engaged in work that produces copious amounts of data.  This description, of course, would fit many businesses.  From customer information to financial records to research and development, data is the lifeblood of the typical American business. 

Managed Programs Solutions: Object-Based Storage


Although network attached storage (NAS) is fast becoming a popular way to deal with file storage needs, small and medium sized businesses have other options that in some cases may suit its needs better.  One of the newer IT solutions to emerge for storage technologies in recent years is the object-based storage system. 

IT Consulting Firms Can Arrange Thin Provisioning


The buzz over virtualization is well deserved, as this is one of the most exciting leaps forward in business technology to emerge in quite some time.  However, a move toward virtualization with a skilled IT company providing remote services does not eliminate the need for a sound storage approach for the information used in virtual data centers.  Thin provisioning is an approach to storage needs that helps businesses to maximize its use of resources and lower their costs.

VMware's VSA Has Both Limitations and Advantages


VMware's vCenter Server 5 Essentials Pack has an optional software plug-in or add-on known as VSA (vSphere Storage Appliance).  The main function performed by the VSA add-on is to create a shared storage pool and replicate data between internal components of the pool as needed to create high data availability.  The concept used by the VSA system is well understood in the industry, and has been embodied in non-VMware products such as LeftHand (produced by HP). 

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