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The Benefits of Project Management Software

Microsoft SharePoint

Whether you run a business, public service, or a not-for-profit organization, it's now near impossible not to use IT systems to help you.  In fact, it could be argued that any business or organization that does not have computer-related systems in place could be losing out significantly, making staying in business very difficult.

Microsoft Encourages Cloud Computing

Microsoft Cloud Computing

Cloud is big business nowadays even for the likes of Microsoft.  What’s more, the software giant believes it has something that small and medium-sized businesses want.

Business Intelligence: Not Just For Large Companies

Business Intelligence Software

For years, the general impression in the business community has that business intelligence (BI) software is really only suited for large businesses such as enterprises.  This perception was fueled by the high price tag associated with such software and its inherent complexity.  Now, however, a new generation of BI software has come on the market, offering interfaces that are more streamlined and easy to understand. 

IT Solutions: The Importance of Logging Software

Logging Software to Prevent Threats

Businesses who wish to maintain robust computer systems capable of accomplishing their business goals, are well acquainted with the importance of software that's able to log various system events.  When logging systems are well established as integral parts of a company network, the business will be better able to detect the arrival of malware into the system in order to prevent intrusions and other security incidents.  Proper log files also make it possible to conduct a thorough investigation in the event of a breach. In addition, proper log files make it easier for IT staff to track malicious behavior such as the abuse of company resources by internal employees, and access to the system by unauthorized persons. 

IT Solutions: Understanding ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS)


A relatively new approach to meeting the computing needs of a small or medium-sized business is the phenomenon known as "Software as a Service", most commonly referred to as SaaS.  In the SaaS approach, businesses connect with the software they need via cloud computing.  This frees them from the necessity to install and maintain their own software.  Instead, those responsibilities are handed over to a managed services provider contracted to keep the software updated and maintained.

IT Consulting: The Case For Dictation Software

Managed Solutions

Ever since the advent of voice recorders and the personal computer, the concept of a secretary ‘taking dictation’ has all but vanished from the business world.  Indeed, many preparation programs for personal assistants do not even include a course in shorthand any longer.  In the tech-driven computer world that dominates businesses both small and large these days, however, dictation is making a bit of a comeback, but in a new form.  Today's businessman or woman is leveraging the power of computer dictation/transcribing programs in order to create new efficiencies in the workplace.

IT Consulting Offers Insights Into Supply-Chain Management Software

IT consulting

According to a recent survey, nearly one-fifth of companies in the manufacturing sector believe that proper supply chain management is a strategically important part of a successful business plan while a further 40 percent acknowledge the issue as an essential component in an overall plan.

5 Top IT Solutions To Consider When Choosing Backup Software


Deciding to purchase a software suite is always a matter that demands careful thought as well as adequate time and attention.  When the software in question is intended to back up vital company data, however, the issue of selecting the right product is paramount.  A poor choice of backup software can have potentially devastating consequences should the company need to implement its disaster recovery plan with a flawed set of backup data. 

iCorps' Jeffery Lauria Weighs in on Potential Release of the iPad3

iCorps Technologies

Ears have been buzzing over the potential release of Apple's iPad3, said to be coming out this March. Many are curious to see whether or not this release will be as successful as its predecessors. Jeffery Lauria, Director of Technology at iCorps Technologies, weighed in on the matter with CRN's Kristin Bent. Follow the link below to read the article:

Software Procurement Process Improves With IT Consulting

IT Procurement Solutions

According to the old adage, an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Nowhere is this axiom truer than in the world of software purchasing.  Companies that become aware that they need to upgrade the software they have in use can save themselves a world of trouble and expense if they conduct their software search in conjunction with an IT consulting firm instead of striking out on their own.  Working with an IT consulting firm can help businesses avoid the kinds of pitfalls that cause companies to make costly mistakes.

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