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Dell Releases PowerEdge C6105 Server


Dell, long known for the innovative IT solutions they produce for businesses both large and small, has announced the arrival of the PowerEdge C6105 server.  Unlike many similar computers, the PowerEdge C6105 is specifically optimized for applications that use Web 2.0 functions and supports the use of cloud hosting services.  This is ideal in today’s business world, which is shifting toward managed services more with each passing year.  With the PowerEdge C6105 server, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to adopt solutions such as private clouds. 

Planned Enhancements for Windows Server 8


Windows Server 8 is slated to be the most impressive leap forward from Microsoft's server platforms in a long while.  New features of the platform were recently revealed to the public at the BUILD Conference.  While some of these have been discussed in previous pre-release blogs and announcements, others came as a welcome surprise to conference participants and attendees. 

Automatic Failover in Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and later offer a feature known as "automatic failover" designed to help guarantee database stability.  Automatic failover is useful in situations in which information in the primary or main database becomes unavailable for some reason.  In these cases, the automatic failover feature causes the secondary or mirror server to function as the primary server until primary server function can be restored. 

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Migration via Staff Augmentation Strategy

IT Consultants

Data and platform migration represents a vital task that business enterprises must periodically see to.  Because it usually consists of a large scale task that needs to be performed only once every several years, it is a perfect candidate for staff augmentation.  By using this strategy to provide the man hours needed for the project, an enterprise can be assured that the work of regular staff members will be disrupted as little as possible. 

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