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How Can Virtualization Help My SMB?

An IT service: Virtualization

Your SMB faces a number of IT challenges - soaring hardware costs, under-utilization of hardware, over-utilization of employees, security vulnerabilities and decreasing storage space. These are just a few of the issues that virtualization helps reduce or eliminated completely. Let's look deeper into how it can help your SMB become leaner and more efficient with its IT operations.

The Difference Between Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud vs Virtualization

With so many technological developments happening at lightning speed nowadays, it's understandable that many people often confuse specific terminology used.  Among the most common terminology confusions is the difference between cloud and virtualization.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2011: Pros and Cons

Microsoft Small Business Server

Microsoft's Small Business Server 2011 is intended for small organizations and can accommodate as many as 75 user accounts. 

IT Solutions: 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Ethernet IT Solutions

Wireless connections to the internet are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and other organizations, in part because they allow a company to offer internet access to visitors on the premises.  This can help increase sales in many types of businesses because it gives consumers an additional reason to visit the premises.  Wireless access, however, is not always the best solution for internal employees who make frequent and extensive use of online resources.  These individuals may be much better served by an Ethernet connection, which offers faster data access speeds than those typical of wireless environments.

IT Solutions: Understanding ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS)


A relatively new approach to meeting the computing needs of a small or medium-sized business is the phenomenon known as "Software as a Service", most commonly referred to as SaaS.  In the SaaS approach, businesses connect with the software they need via cloud computing.  This frees them from the necessity to install and maintain their own software.  Instead, those responsibilities are handed over to a managed services provider contracted to keep the software updated and maintained.

3 Key Considerations For Sizing Servers: IT Support

IT support

Large corporations moving to a virtualized infrastructure for their systems and networks may have all the expertise needed already on hand.  However, small and medium sized companies would do well to work closely with an IT consulting firm so they have guidance at every step along the way, beginning with one of the most basic steps of all: selection of an appropriate host server.

IT Consultants Survey the Expansion of Virtualization

virtual environment

Surveys of small and medium sized businesses currently indicate that more organizations are beginning to see virtualization as an appropriate solution for their computerized workflow.  In past years, the top reason to hold off on converting to a virtualized environment was the sense that the business does not yet possess enough servers or applications to justify the cost of virtualizing them.  This perception is diminishing, however.  Whereas in 2010 more than 40 percent of small businesses surveyed felt this way, the percentage that echoed the sentiment just one year later had fallen to 34 percent. 

IT Consultants Assist in the Removal of Buggy Updates


Most computer users take pains to keep their systems up to date.  While this is usually a good idea, occasionally users may download and install a patch that turns out to be flawed in some way.  At times, this situation can be remedied by installing a second patch that can remove the first; in more dire circumstances, the buggy patch may cause severe problems that impede such a simple fix.  The problem of buggy updates becomes even more complicated when an entire organization is involved, since dozens of computers at once may have acquired a flawed patch.  How can businesses and other organizations best remediate this situation without a laborious computer-by-computer manual fix?

Productivity Features of Windows Server 2008 R2


One of the great benefits of a managed programs approach is that workers who arrive from an IT company on a regular basis to provide your firm with services keep up to date with improvements and enhancements in the tech world.  Because these workers know your systems and your network, they are ideally positioned to know when new features that can help you are becoming available in the products you use.

Improving Automatic Task Scheduling via a Managed Programs Model

IT services

Specialists who work for an IT company and come to take care of your infrastructure environment needs on a managed program basis often have detailed information about systems that can be highly useful in streamlining operations at your premises. 

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