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3 Ways Outsourced IT Helps You Avoid Tech Outages

Posted on Wed, May 20, 2015

An IT Manager once said that: “Technology isn’t merely a means to help us do our jobs faster. It is the means by which most of us do our jobs.”


But, when we cannot summon the technology superpowers that give us the ability to do our jobs, things can go downhill pretty quickly, can’t they?

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Dear IT Managers, IT Companies Are Not About Stealing Your Job

Posted on Thu, May 14, 2015

One of the bad raps often associated with outsourcing is the loss of internal jobs. It’s not uncommon for an IT outsourcing company to experience the same stigma when interacting with IT Managers and Administrators.  

“Oh no, Tech Outsourcing USA is talking to my boss… they must want my job.”


But if they’re a reputable IT Company, and if you’re a competent IT Manager, then just cool those jets for a minute.  

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Skype for Business: This Isn't Your Grandmother's Skype...

Posted on Wed, May 6, 2015

Whether it was connecting with your son or daughter in college or checking in on your grandmother on the West Coast, chances are you’ve had some experience with using Skype. Microsoft is counting on that familiarity now as it rolls out Skype for Business, the next generation of Lync.

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3 Tech-based Actions to Keep Pace with Your Clients

Posted on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

Businesses today face a rapidly changing technology landscape that is driving fresh standards – as well as new customer demands – for how we work, how we communicate, and how we deliver our services and products.

As a result, IT is no longer just about managing performance and reliability. (Tweet this!)

In the world of professional services, your ability to adapt to and adopt technology advancements can either inhibit or springboard the development of your competitive differentiators and opportunities to “step up” service to your customers.

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4 Steps to Take When Your IT Person Quits

Posted on Tue, Apr 21, 2015

There you are… sipping your first cup, responding to your morning emails and all of a sudden, that giant fiery meteor hits your desk.

David’s 2-week resignation notice.

For eight years David has been handling your IT. Data backups, firewalls, email inboxes – haven’t been your concern on a day-to-day basis. Until now.

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Cloud Adoption for Financial Services is Slow but Sure

Posted on Tue, Apr 14, 2015

Did you know that more people are worried about having their computer or smartphone hacked than they are of getting mugged or their car stolen?

Sixty-two percent of people recently surveyed by Gallup frequently or occasionally worry about having their computer or smartphone hacked and their information being stolen. In comparison, 31% worry about getting mugged and AND only 18% of people were concerned about being murdered.

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Cinnamon buns, client satisfaction and IT support

Posted on Wed, Apr 8, 2015

What do cinnamon buns mean to iCorps?


Fertility Centers of New England, an iCorps client, personally delivered a tray of cinnamon buns to our Boston headquarters on Tuesday morning after receiving some appreciated support from our Network Operations Center. Fertility Centers' phones went down last week and an iCorps engineer worked with the phone company to get the issue resolved.   

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Construction growth means higher technology demands. Is your IT environment keeping up?

Posted on Tue, Apr 7, 2015

Hammers pounding. Cranes raising. Drills spinning. Saws cutting. Envisioning the process of building and construction typically conjures up sounds and images of power tools and large equipment… not laptops, smartphones and tablets. But the truth is that a significant number of construction employees rely heavily on technology – and use a keyboard and a mobile phone more frequently than they use a hammer or saw.

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What is Cloud Computing? And why should I care?

Posted on Thu, Apr 2, 2015

Some of you may be laughing at us right now. Cloud computing? How 2012 of them. But for those of you still lost in the clouds (we couldn’t resist), you’re probably still not quite sure why you should really care. It seems that technology moves faster than we mere humans can blink. So is “the cloud” just another fad or is this bandwagon really worth jumping?

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Balancing IT Chores and Fires with Long-Term Planning

Posted on Tue, Mar 24, 2015


How Outsourcing Can Empower Your In-house IT Team

We get it. You have executives to answer to, team members to keep happy, and a business to keep up and running. The day-to-day IT demands often make it difficult (maybe even impossible) to prioritize long-term growth and planning. The problem is that… 3, 4, 5 years down the line, you know they’ll be looking at you again for answers - “Why haven’t we innovated? Why is our email slow? WHY are we behind? Why aren't we on the cloud?”

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6 Do's and Don'ts for Choosing Your IT Service Provider

Posted on Fri, Mar 20, 2015

Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Your IT Service ProviderIT_Consulting_Services_Signs-1

You have many options, many pain points and likely, many questions. The task of finding the right IT service provider or consulting company can be daunting without a roadmap. The following simple checklist of do’s and don’ts can help guide you through the process. 


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IT Outsourcing Choices are Becoming More Strategic

Posted on Tue, Mar 10, 2015

The latest IT outsourcing delivery models, coupled with the sheer number of vendors and IT services offerings, are changing the outsourcing conversation – and the way we work, says Dominic J. Asta, a VP and practice lead for Global Managed Services for KellyOCG.

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3 Tips to Launch Flexible IT Security within your Business

Posted on Thu, Mar 5, 2015


Flexible IT Security (FITS)

For decades we have witnessed rapid and unrelenting technological change and innovation in our lives. How quickly we have moved from: mainframes in the 1970’s; to PCs and LANs in the 1980’s; to the Internet, Web and Email in the 1990’s; to search, social, and mobile in the 2000’s; to cloud, wearable tech and big data in our present decade. That’s the kind of head-spinning change that can make the Google Glasses fly right off your head!

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Determining the Useful Life of Your IT Network

Posted on Fri, Feb 27, 2015

The age of the technology components in your IT network matters when it comes to system reliability, security, and of course, your budget. But with so many moving parts and business drivers that vary from company to company, there is no clear-cut measure for the “useful life” of these assets.

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iCorps Technologies Named to Managed Service Provider 500 List by CRN

Posted on Thu, Feb 19, 2015

Boston, MA. February 23, 2015 – iCorps Technologies today announced it has earned recognition on The Channel Company’s 2015 CRN Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list as one of the MSP Progressive 250. This annual list distinguishes the top technology providers and consultants in North America whose leading approach to managed services enables their customers to improve operational efficiencies, elicit greater value from their IT investments, and successfully leverage technology to achieve greater competitive advantage.

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Stop Firefighting & Start Planning: 5 Steps to Proactive IT Service Management

Posted on Tue, Feb 3, 2015

An organization’s IT environment has a lot of moving parts. Yet, the combined sheer volume of hardware and software components, the integration of old and new technologies, and a base of increasingly diverse users practically ensures that something will go awry.

Whether it’s a faulty desktop hard drive, a software application that’s hogging network bandwidth, or connectivity issues for remote workers, many organizations are engaged in a perpetual state of IT firefighting.

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20 Cloud Computing Facts for 2015

Posted on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Year after year cloud computing users continue to increase.  Whether you're an SMB or a Fortune 500 company, the move to the cloud looks to be the direction everyone is heading in.  As a managed service provider, helping companies make the move to the cloud, iCorps Technologies wanted to point out some interesting facts about cloud computing and what to expect from it in 2015.  Here are some that may surprise you.

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3 IT Outsourcing Trends that Are Challenging Tradition

Posted on Fri, Jan 16, 2015

An organization’s ability to leverage technology that runs reliably and supports the business effectively often requires deep expertise, experience, and skills. If that combination doesn’t happen to be in your internal IT department’s wheelhouse – or if resources are scarce or directed toward core IT services– IT outsourcing may be a practical option.

But times are changing. As more companies adopt digital strategies, outsourcing trends are out to shake up tradition – and IT:

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3 Tips to Improve Your Cloud Security

Posted on Wed, Jan 14, 2015

These days everybody seems to be on high alert when it comes to cloud security and protecting their data, especially with the recent events surrounding the Sony leaked emails, and hacking groups like Anonymous and Derp on the loose. When it comes to IT Security it is essential to take the necessary steps to ensure that your data is protected, and if you follow these guidelines, your information will be safe and secure.
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Shadow IT: A Foreshadowing of the Future

Posted on Mon, Dec 22, 2014

For many, the mention of Shadow IT may evoke images of intrigue, undercover activities, and silhouettes lurking in the darkness. The term, in fact, refers to the potentially dangerous (security-wise) and illicit procurement or use of technology for the business that is without the approval – and often without the knowledge – of the IT department

Shadow IT is not a new trend. Even in the days of brick and mortar and corporate-issued desktops, tech-savvy users found ways around IT policies to load unapproved software and remain undetected.

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On the Radar and in the Workplace – 3 IT Trends That Matter

Posted on Thu, Dec 11, 2014

The end of the year always brings plenty of technology predictions and speculation on which advancements are capable of shaping the future of IT. But we know all too well that what’s “hot” in the industry one day can be usurped the next by a shiny new innovation.

Despite the fickleness, we have made the transition from desktops to mobile devices, offices to the local Starbucks, data center to the cloud. So what is next for IT? And how do we prepare without racing to adopt every new innovation or pouring budget – and skills – into potential technology dead-ends?

In order to separate varsity from junior varsity in terms of technology trends, they must meet two important criteria: those that are worthy of watching must exhibit important sticking power and have the ability to transform IT in the way it is procured, consumed, and/or engaged.

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Learning to Stay Ahead - IT Technology Trends

Posted on Tue, Dec 2, 2014

IT professionals know that the only constant in technology is change.TrendsIt’s a fact that’s supported bytoday’sabundance of technology advancements, innovations, and trends – from computing platforms and programming languages to BYOD and big data.

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What Are the Differences Between IT Consulting, IT Services and Software Consulting?

Posted on Mon, Nov 24, 2014

For an industry that is built on specifications, patterns, and conditions, it’s surprising how vague technology can be when it comes to its terminology. IT consulting, IT services, and software consulting, for instance, may appear distinct and self-explanatory at first glance. In truth, it can be difficult to tell where one ends and another begins.

From an IT perspective, cutting through the subtleties and providing a clear definition of the offering establishes vital competitive distinctions and helps set important customer expectations.

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Office 365: The Top Success Factors for SMB's

Posted on Mon, Nov 17, 2014

Microsoft positions Office 365—its cloud-based office productivity and collaboration solution—as the same Office that most businesses already know and have used for many years, but only better, because of the flexibility of the cloud.

With most plans of Office 365 users get full-blown, fully up to date versions of Office that they can use offline on their devices, and they also gain cloud benefits such as always on, mobile friendly access to files and applications. Most business plans of Office 365 also include cloud-based functions such as video conferencing and SharePoint Online. Let’s take a quick look at the features and characteristics of Office 365, followed by some of the key success factors that small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) should keep in mind.

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3 Essentials for a Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted on Thu, Nov 6, 2014

Disasters come in all sizes. Whether it’s a server crash, human error, a natural disaster, or an act of terror – how well your company weathers a disaster depends on how prepared you are. And that preparedness begins with a disaster recovery plan (DRP).

Surprisingly, many companies aren’t thinking ahead. Citing the results of its survey in its 2014 annual report, the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council notes that “more than 60% of those who took the survey do not have a fully documented DR plan.”

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Which Cloud is Right for Your Business?

Posted on Fri, Oct 31, 2014

One of the growing challenges for today’s businesses is determining where to host technology assets.

For many organizations, moving to the cloud is a pragmatic approach to balancing workloads, resources, and budgets. Cloud computing provides convenient, scalable, on-demand access to applications, servers, storage, and other resources – often with no upfront investments and no ongoing management.

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When Is the “Right” Time to Move from Your On-Premise IT Infrastructure to the Cloud?

Posted on Thu, Oct 30, 2014

In his book, The Big Switch, technology author Nicholas Carr correlates today’s digital revolution to electricity, likening cloud services to a computing power plant that companies can tap into to access computing solutions.

It’s a neat analogy, and worldwide, organizations of all sizes are “plugging into” the promise of cloud-based services. Today, according to the Spiceworks 2014 State of IT report, 61% of IT pros have adopted cloud solutions – with another 8% expected to adopt within the next six months. Expenditures for hosted services, the report notes, accounted for 14% of IT budgets in 2014 (behind hardware and software expenditures).

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3 IT Budgeting Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Posted on Fri, Oct 24, 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, IT organizations are reviewing the year for successes and areas for improvement; assessing staffing and assets; evaluating shifting work trends and user demands – all with an eye toward the new year.

Certainly, every company has different IT requirements. But when it’s time to plan your IT budget, there is some consistency in what NOT to do.

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Are You Ready for Windows Server 2003 End of Services

Posted on Wed, Oct 22, 2014

Are You Still Running Microsoft 2003?

Yes?  If you are, then 3/4ths of you already know that Microsoft will end support for Windows 2003 servers in July of 2015.  Microsoft will no longer issue security patches and if you choose to still run Exchange 2003 you face the threat of your company running into some serious security risks and unplanned downtime that could sink unprepared small businesses. Exchange 2003 is just out of date, it was implemented before both mobile and cloud computing really took off, and it is now time to upgrade.

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How Disaster Recovery Can Save Your Business

Posted on Thu, Oct 16, 2014

How Disaster Recovery Can Save Your Business

Some people think the chances of their business facing a disaster, whether it be from mother nature, cybercrimes, or electrical outages, are pretty slim. The truth is, the chances of your business actually recuperating from these without a recovery plan are even smaller. The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%. Even if your company is able to survive the disaster, it is estimated that for every minute that your data center is down, it is costing you $5,600. Here is some information on Disaster Recovery, and how it can someday save your business.

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How to Minimize Downtime

Posted on Mon, Oct 13, 2014


When trying to run your business to the best of its ability, minimizing the downtime is one of the largest challenges. With each hour of downtime costing some businesses an average of $42,000, you can see why companies need to avoid it as much as possible. Here are some instances where a Managed Service Provider provides you with the best resources to decrease your downtime, and some interesting tips that will help minimize your chances of downtime in the first place.

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The History of Cloud Computing

Posted on Wed, Oct 8, 2014

There are many differing opinions on where the term and idea of cloud computing came from. Some people point to J.C.R. Licklider and his idea of an “Intergalactic Computer Network” that would connect the world globally as an electronic commons open to all. Others think it could have been Apple engineers Andy Hertfeld and Bill Atkinson in 1990 with their company General Magic, who built the Software Platform TeleScript. Whoever takes the credit, cloud computing has become an integral part of technology today when it comes to data storage, communication and security. Let’s take a look back and check out some of the biggest milestones in cloud computing’s history.

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Cloud Computing Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Posted on Fri, Oct 3, 2014

Cloud computing is rising faster than ever. With its ability to reduce technology costs, its optimization capabilities, and the security it provides, it’s no wonder why it seems that every business is moving their software and data to the cloud. IBM predicts that by 2015, there will be 1 trillion cloud-ready devices and most Internet users will work primarily through cyberspace-based applications on remote servers accessed through networked devices. Knowing this, here is a look at some trends to look out for in the coming year.

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What To Do When You Know Your Data Breach Personally?

Posted on Thu, Oct 2, 2014

As we think of what scary costume we want to dress up as for Halloween, as a business, we need to understand what costumes our employees are wearing at work.  Are they wearing a disguise?  

What we always like to emphasize here at iCorps is how much IT Services and infrastructure is not so much about tech, but about the people who work for you with your sensitive data.  

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When Should You Outsource Your IT Services?

Posted on Wed, Oct 1, 2014

If you are an IT manager, a CIO, or technology director, you undoubtedly had to ask yourself this question: Should I outsource IT capabilities and trust a managed services provider or keep it in house?  

We hear you!  At iCorps, we answer questions like this everyday.  

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4 IT Tools to Consider When Launching a Cloud Based Start-Up

Posted on Wed, Oct 1, 2014

Getting a cloud-based start-up up and running can be a daunting process.  Finding the right software that integrates best with your business model can also cause some serious headaches.  So when asked the question “Which IT products should I know when launching a cloud-based start-up?” we here at iCorps try to steer you in the right direction.  Below you will find 4 tools that every IT engineer should think about when launching their new cloud based business.

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Five Tips To Lower Your IT Services Infrastructure Costs

Posted on Wed, Oct 1, 2014

IT infrastructure is the backbone of modern business
.  The rising demands of IT resources is putting pressure on budgets and staff so prioritizing your IT needs is essential. What does your business need vs what can it do without?  How much control do you need vs how much can you outsource?  Lots of questions to ask yourself.  
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50 IT Facts That You Didn't Know Were True

Posted on Wed, Oct 1, 2014

The IT industry is always developing, and with new technologies seemingly popping up daily it is tough to keep up with the times. Cloud computing is also on the rise, and seems to be a hot topic of late for SMB’s debating whether or not to make the move to the cloud.   So here at iCorps we’ve come up with a list of 50 Facts within the IT community, that will educate you on the industries recent successes, a look into what people are saying about the cloud, and overall IT data that may surprise you.
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Associated Industries of Massachusetts: More Efficient Member Services with Microsoft Office 365

Posted on Thu, Sep 18, 2014

This blog comes to us courtesy of Microsoft from an interview conducted with our Chief Operating Officer Kim Williams, written by Cindy Lyman, Chief Financial Officer at Associated Industries of Massachusetts.   

It’s not always easy to age gracefully. As an association that’s nearly 100 years old, Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) has always adapted to changing member needs, governmental structures and—now more than ever—technological expectations.

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Why the Lack of Due Diligence Can Hurt Your Company

Posted on Thu, Sep 11, 2014

What does business system security mean to you?

Taken narrowly, it means locking down corporate data so no one can steal it, meddle with it, or disrupt it. Taken broadly, it means your systems are reliable. And reliability depends on due diligence.

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SharePoint & Office 365: When 2+2 Equals Eight

Posted on Tue, Sep 2, 2014

Back when client/server computing was the dominant model for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), the file server was the means of managing a company’s documents, spreadsheets, and other unstructured data.

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Managed IT Services: Lessons from the front lines

Posted on Mon, Jul 7, 2014

Forget for a minute all the numbers on the growth curve predicted for information technology (IT) managed services. We know it’s rapidly growing among small to midsized businesses (SMBs). So, let’s focus on its key value propositions.

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Office 365 Users Will Benefit From Microsoft's Open Approach

Posted on Mon, Jun 9, 2014

The era of Cloud-based solutions is all about tapping into the best apps as services -- when and where you need them. That’s why Microsoft’s Office 365 for the iPad launch, along with its recent partnership with Salesforce were welcome news for end users.

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Questions Every SMB Should Ask When Evaluating IT Managed Services Providers

Posted on Mon, Jun 2, 2014

5 Considersation to keep in mind when choosing the right MSP

Almost every small to midsized businesses (SMBs) look for ways to address vital IT needs, without adding to its overhead costs. That’s where tapping into an IT managed services provider (MSP) can help accomplish both goals.

You know there are hundreds of managed services providers, promising you the moon. Also, every consulting firm, technology reseller, and consultancy is talking up IT managed services.

So how do you pick the MSP that’s right for you?

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Cloud security tips: Beware of endpoint vulnerabilities

Posted on Tue, May 13, 2014

Cloud security tips: Beware of endpoint vulnerabilities

Think cloud solution security, and most of us think about back-end security.

In fact, all sorts of cloud security questions will come to mind. For example, how secure is the access control and physical surveillance for the data center? Does the data center have strong fault tolerance for its server infrastructure? Does the cloud provider have good encryption and data partitioning technology to shield client data?
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5 Tips to Protect Your Data from Cyber Crime

Posted on Mon, Apr 21, 2014

Is your data safe from cyber thieves?

Cybercrimes are on the rise and the cyber black market has evolved from ad hoc, discrete individuals into a highly organized network of cyber hackers, operating in a multi-billion-dollar economy, per RAND’s recent report. With innovation and growth, the cybercrime market can be very profitable. Here are some basic essentials to include in your cyber security plan. 

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Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft Office 365

Posted on Mon, Apr 7, 2014

Microsoft Office 365 delivers almost immediate value to your users with little training because of their familiarity with the desktop Office productivity suite. But Microsoft Office 365 is so much more. Its seamless integration with other powerful Microsoft collaboration tools such as Lync and SharePoint extends its capabilities and takes your users’ productivity to a new level – whether they’re at their desks or on the move.

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Boost User Productivity with Microsoft Office 365

Posted on Wed, Mar 19, 2014

Cloud computing offers organizations tremendous advantages, including simplified IT management, little or no upfront investment in hardware, and a serious productivity enhancer -- anywhere-anytime access for users.

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iCorps Technologies Recognized for Innovative Approach to Managed IT Services

Posted on Thu, Feb 20, 2014

We are honored to be on CRN Managed Service Provider Pioneer 250 list.  This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering excellence through strategic leadership, innovative services and hands-on expertise to our customers, on a regular basis.

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Can Your Company Benefit From IT Staff Augmentation?

Posted on Tue, Oct 29, 2013

At a time when you are looking to concentrate on ensuring that your business goals and objectives are met, operational decisions can divert you from the primary focus. Acquiring skilled and flexible manpower for temporary or short term positions is a challenge that most companies face. For a small to mid-sized company, these issues can be big roadblocks to overcome.  Staff augmentation is a solution that you can look at to increase the agility of your organization. 

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Disaster Preparedness: Can Your Business Recover from a Disaster?

Posted on Tue, Oct 22, 2013

"Uptime" refers to a system’s availability to users and applications. When a server is down – for routine maintenance or because of a system failure – productivity is lost, and compliance or revenue may be compromised as a result. Even customer satisfaction may be affected, for instance, if an online store temporarily cannot process orders.
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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Help Desk Services

Posted on Tue, Oct 15, 2013

Nothing frustrates a client more than poor technical support in their time of need.  When SMB customers have questions or problems regarding a product or service, their first point of contact is customer support.

Unfortunately, many organizations are lacking fully equipped help desk support solutions; their budgets simply do not allow the cost. How can organizations respond quickly and deliver top-level service without compromising call quality and customer satisfaction?

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End of Life for Exchange 2003: How to Upgrade and Move to the Cloud

Posted on Thu, Oct 10, 2013

In our last post we talked about the new features in Exchange 2013, and why it’s time to start planning your upgrade. Now for part two - How to Upgrade to Exchange 2013.

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Exchange 2003 EOL: What's New in Exchange 2013

Posted on Wed, Oct 9, 2013

As many of you may already know, support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 will be coming to an end in April 2014. Each product that Microsoft releases has a lifecycle that determines how long it maintains and supports the product. Exchange 2003 mainstream support is already over. And, Exchange Server 2003 extended support ends on April 8, 2014.

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4 Steps to Increase IT Security

Posted on Tue, Oct 1, 2013

IT Security is paramount to the uninterrupted running of network operations. Unfortunately, for many companies IT security means anti-virus or malware protection...and nothing else. It's easy to allow the news of hackers taking down mutil-billion dollar businesses with one calculated effort influence the security decisions your company makes. However offputting these scenarios are, remember that a strong IT posture is dependant on a multifacted approach to protecting your network. Here are four steps, that you can start today, to improve the overall IT security of your business.

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Focus on Business Goals with Staff Augmentation

Posted on Fri, Sep 27, 2013

At a time when you are looking to concentrate on ensuring that your business objectives are met, operational decisions can divert your attention from meeting goals. Finding employees with a broad set of skills for ongoing or short-term positions is a challenge that all businesses face. For a small to mid-sized company, these issues can be big roadblocks to overcome.  Staff augmentation is a solution that you can look at to increase the agility of your organization. 

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How to Lower IT Spending in 2014 with Staff Augmentation

Posted on Tue, Sep 24, 2013

If you are like the thousands of businesses in the midst of creating an IT budget for 2014, consider adjusting your business model to one that focuses on staff augmentation. Before you start thinking "How will that effect my existing internal employees?" be aware that there are IT consulting firms out there who fully support (and advocate for) a hybrid internal/external IT staffing model. There are a number of positive cost saving points to be aware of before you make the switch. Firstly, you will almost always see a decrease in your operational IT expenditures.

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Server Monitoring with SaaS

Posted on Fri, Sep 20, 2013

Despite the preventative measures implemented by IT departments, it will happen at some point: servers will go down and outages will occur. But even if an organization cannot prevent these issues from occurring, the impact can still be minimized through the use of information gathered by server monitoring services. What exactly is server monitoring? Basic functions include:

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Prepping for Virtualization in 2014 IT Budgets

Posted on Wed, Sep 18, 2013

Businesses that are ready to move toward a virtualized infrastructure need to consider all sides of implementation costs when developing their IT budget for 2014.  Contrary to popular perception, making the full move to a virtualized environment involves three different kinds of costs associated with IT projects: hardware, software, and labor. 

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Business Continuity Planning in 5 Easy Steps

Posted on Thu, Sep 12, 2013

One of the keys to long-term success with any business is to focus on business continuity planning and crisis management processes proactively.  No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your organization is prepared for a disaster scenario. First, ask yourself:

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Microsoft Spotlight: Automatic Failover in Microsoft SQL Server

Posted on Wed, Sep 11, 2013

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and later offer a feature known as "automatic failover" designed to help guarantee database stability.  Automatic failover is useful in situations in which information in the primary or main database becomes unavailable for some reason.  In these cases, the automatic failover feature causes the secondary or mirror server to function as the primary server until primary server function can be restored. Situations in which this is useful involve disaster recovery scenarios especially.

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Microsoft Spotlight: Time to Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2013?

Posted on Tue, Sep 10, 2013

The need to keep IT budgets tight and lean is an ever-present pressure for IT and C-level management across the board. New features of upgraded products can prove a tempting fix for some existing problems, particularly when a business's needs have exceeded a current application's capacity for efficiency.

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Cloud Solutions: Manageability and Availability Issues

Posted on Fri, Aug 30, 2013

Organizations are increasingly choosing to route some or all of their computing infrastructure to the cloud.  While this presents businesses with greater opportunities to enhance business efficiencies, such a move also requires businesses to get used to features of the cloud environment that may be new to them. With the highest cloud usage ever, businesses must be able to adequately weigh the benefits and draw backs of utilizing cloud computing for every day operations. The cloud poses many challenges, the most pressing of which are manageability and availability. See what issues are posed with each challenge, below.

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Move Over Internally Managed IT Services; Say Hello to the MSP!

Posted on Tue, Aug 27, 2013

There has been rapid development in the area of IT managed services in recent years, especially in the SMB space. As outsourcing managed services gains traction with smaller companies, more agile solutions begin to emerge in the market.

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Three Steps to a Successful Firewall Implementation

Posted on Fri, Aug 16, 2013

With the increasing determination, creativity, and intelligence of hackers, it is more important than ever to make sure that an organization's IT systems are adequately protected from viruses, trojans, and other forms of intrusion. Though there are many ways to help ensure the integrity of a network's security, one very important method of safeguarding sensitive data is through the implementation of a firewall.

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5 No-Brainer Reasons for Outsourcing IT Staff Augmentation Services

Posted on Mon, Aug 12, 2013

No matter what business you are in, information is your business. Without a complete and competent IT department, your company will not be able to meet the demands of your customer base. There are several reasons to consider staff augmentation through IT outsourcing and managed services and there is no better place to look for experienced IT consultants than a managed service provider. Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the budget to accommodate a fully staffed IT department, so we offer IT solutions that include cloud computing, data backup, business continuity and cloud archiving to fill these holes. Here are the 5 most common problems CIOs and IT managers encounter and why they choose to go with IT outsourcing:

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Are There Hidden Benefits to IT Compliance?

Posted on Thu, Aug 1, 2013

Businesses today struggle more and more with IT compliance demands that are required of them from all areas. The fact of the matter is that these demanding regulations are here to stay. The bright side is that accomplishing compliance goals are relatively straightforward and once they have been implemented effectively, they contribute in enhancing and enabling the business in a big way.

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IT Solutions for Compliance Timelines

Posted on Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Businesses involved with the use or processing of credit card information must be sure that its systems are compliant with the payment card industry's data security standard (known as PCI Compliance).  This includes all companies that take credit cards as a form of payment.  When these companies begin to use IT solutions such as virtualization and cloud computing, remaining compliant with PCI DSS can become a much larger challenge. 

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How to Maintain Business Continuity with Disaster Recovery Sites

Posted on Mon, Jul 22, 2013

With Disaster Recovery and business continuity on the minds of every IT executive in Boston, New York and Philadelphia, the first step to gaining a complete understanding of DR strategies is to familiarize oneself with the different types of storage sites. One of the key elements in any DR plan is the selection of a secondary site for data storage.  DR software will extract data from this secondary site and restore it back to primary servers in the event of a major system failure.

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How Virtualization Can Save the SMB

Posted on Thu, Jul 18, 2013

SMBs face a number of IT challenges- soaring hardware costs, under-utilization of hardware, over-utilization of employees, security vulnerabilities and decreasing storage space. All organizations struggle with one or more of these challenges, but SMBs in particular have limited bandwidth for dealing with these difficulties. Virtualization can help reduce, or even eliminate, some of these issues completely. Let's examine a few ways that virtualization can help your SMB become leaner and more efficient with its IT operations.

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IT Outsourcing Myths Debunked

Posted on Tue, Jul 16, 2013

There has been a lot of development in the area of IT managed services over the years and gone are the days when these services could be afforded and used by only large organizations. The tides have shifted over the years through technology advancements, and these services can now be availed by all businesses for ensuring security, monitoring and efficiency in information processing. Despite these advancements over the past decades, there are still misconceptions about the value of IT managed services. Many businesses still believe that the best way to manage IT is to do so internally.

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Emails Marked as Spam? Improve Your Email Delivery Rate in 3 Steps!

Posted on Mon, Jul 15, 2013

We all get unwanted email - it seems like the more we try to avoid it, the more we receive. Messages from marketers, friends, coworkers, clients and prospects compete for attention in overly crowded email folders. Meanwhile, many emails never make it to the inbox to be read; these emails often become trapped in spam filters. IT support experts are continuously redefining ways to prevent spam from hitting the inbox. The following three tips, when done consistently, are guaranteed to improve your email delivery rates

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IT Solutions Failing One in Four Small Businesses Says New Survey

Posted on Wed, Jul 10, 2013

Initial results from a new online survey designed to measure IT effectiveness at small businesses shows almost one in four respondents score a “D” or “F” grade for their current IT solutions. According to the IT Effectiveness Index (ITEI) Mid-Year Report, another 37 percent of small businesses are barely maintaining their IT operations, scoring only a “C” grade. The report, based on surveying hundreds of small businesses, further reveals that these companies are falling further behind as economic pressures have forced nearly half of the respondents to reduce, delay or cancel critical IT investments.

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3 BYOD Precautions You Should Be Taking

Posted on Thu, Jun 27, 2013

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer showed us that BYOD isn’t a fading trend. What does the permanence of this trend mean for your business's BYOD policies? Challenges in security, data leak prevention, and bandwidth limitations at the very least. But perhaps it also means an opportunity to be at the forefront of IT security innovation--by implementing solutions that work for, and with, your company goals. It’s vital for your organization to know the threats that mobile devices can bring to your network.

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3 Simple Steps to Implementing a Firewall Solution

Posted on Tue, Jun 25, 2013

With the increasing determination, creativity, and intelligence of hackers, it is more important than ever to make sure that an organization's IT systems are adequately protected from viruses, trojans, and other forms of intrusion. Though there are many ways to help ensure the integrity of a network's security, one very important method of safeguarding sensitive data is through the implementation of a firewall.

A firewall keeps the network, and everything in it, secure by analyzing the data that is passing back and forth. Based on the rules that have been configured, the firewall solution determines whether or not the information should be allowed to proceed. It is imperative that every organization include a firewall in their overall security solution.

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Why Tape Backups are No Longer a Viable IT Solution

Posted on Mon, Jun 24, 2013

Disaster recovery is a much debated topic from IT departments to corner offices. After events like Hurricane Sandy brought thousands of networks down, creating the need on a grand scale for better data backup solutions in New York City area, management is finally becoming open to reevaluating the traditional way of doing things. Technologies such as tape backups, having been rendered obsolete in the event of a natural disaster, need to be replaced with more agile and reliable IT solutions. If you're still on board with tape backups, you need to rethink your position on disaster recovery for the sake of your business's continuity.

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NYC CFOs Embrace Cloud Computing for its Savings and Security

Posted on Thu, Jun 20, 2013

What started out as a buzzword—"the cloud" was typically unheard of by those outside of IT circles—has proven itself to be a sustainable and integral part of successful business models. When a company would push to implement changes in their IT infrastructure, the cloud's main supporters were previously only IT managers. In recent years however, cloud computing has finally gained the support of CFOs in organizations worldwide.

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7 Steps to Choosing an IT Governance Model

Posted on Mon, Jun 17, 2013

At some point, your business may need to consider (or reconsider) an IT governance model, whether it be for very common PCI (Purchase Card Industry), or another type of compliance. IT governance refers to a set of IT practices that align with your business strategies to ensure compliance and security.

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Microsoft Office 2013 Mid-Year Review

Posted on Wed, Jun 5, 2013

Software giant Microsoft regularly launches new IT solutions that assist small and medium businesses to operate more efficiently.  In celebration of efficiency, we've examined what we believe to be the biggest strengths of the Washington-based company's most recent generation of its workplace productivity suite: Office 2013.

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A Look Inside VMware's VCP Certification and IT Consulting

Posted on Mon, Jun 3, 2013

Companies that wish to vet and/or implement a virtualization strategy using VMware's products can benefit from using an IT consulting firm in their search, where one or more of the experts on staff possess the high-level certification known as VMware Certified Professional (VCP).  Earning the certification requires candidates to complete VMware-authorized training courses pass several rigorous exams.

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Why it's Smart to Consider IT Outsourcing for IT Governance, and More

Posted on Wed, May 29, 2013

The constant demand on IT departments to be able to perform and expand with business objectives is one of the biggest operational challenges facing companies today. Most of the time SMBs don't need a fully staffed IT department that is capable of handling every component of a company's IT needs - business continuity, network maintenance and IT governance just to name a few. Not only is the cost of operating a fully staffed IT department prohibitive, but keeping up to date with current IT governance standards takes up bandwidth and can mean one or two additional full time jobs in itself. This is where IT outsourcing services can help businesses focus on what matters to them - generating income and growing.

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A Look Inside the Email Encryption Conundrum

Posted on Tue, May 28, 2013

The practice of email encryption (turning a message into code before sending it beyond the network) has become standard protocol for the majority of email transactions today. This practice can be seen in both the private and public sectors, but it is especially prevalent within public organizations - where 83% of federal agencies have policies allowing employees to encrypt emails.

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How to BYOD like an Expert: Mobile Security Breakdown

Posted on Thu, May 23, 2013

Asking a colleague if they BYOD can inspire a quizzical glance sent your way if not talking to an employee from the IT department. Also known as “bring your own device,” BYOD is a concept which allows mobile devices to access a private or corporate network through the cloud. Employees can access the network using their tablets, cell phones, laptops or any other mobile device.
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Why Outsourcing IT for Citrix Support Makes Sense

Posted on Tue, May 21, 2013

Companies that are growing will need to expand their IT department to keep up. However, continuing to add workstations and employees to manage them can be quite costly, which may quickly eliminate the growing resources that the business had on hand. Many businesses are choosing to implement virtual desktop solutions to help them stay in contact with other locations within the company. In order to maintain these desktops the company will need to invest in time and employees with the proper expertise to keep them up and running, costs that will grow exponentially over time.

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Ways Outsourced IT Services Can Benefit IT Governance

Posted on Mon, May 20, 2013

There are many different strategies to increasing profitability in a business, including delivering valued services, implementing effective pricing models, and creating a streamlined work force. To create efficient workplace operations, an organization can engage in a variety of practices: look for specific credentials, seek out those with industry-specific experience, and finally, hire enthusiastic employees.

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Which IT Services Companies Offer the Best SharePoint Support?

Posted on Fri, May 17, 2013

SharePoint solutions can help to drastically increase a business's productivity and improve its internal and external communications. This is why SharePoint is today’s leading collaboration technology - it harnesses the power of cloud computing, providing secure data backup and business continuity. It allows employees to easily collaborate within, between and beyond departments, improves decision-making by placing relevant information in an easily accessible and navigable location, and broadens collaboration beyond the firewall with partners and customers.

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Top 6 Reasons To Embrace Cloud Computing

Posted on Thu, May 16, 2013

Cloud computing has provided a new avenue for SMBs to take their business operations to the next level. There are numerous reasons why SMBs should take advantage of the IT services that cloud computing can offer. If you're thinking about moving some of your network to the cloud, the following are the top 6 reasons why you should take that next step, today.

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VMware's VSA Has Virtualization Limitations and Advantages

Posted on Wed, May 15, 2013

VMware's vCenter Server 5 Essentials Pack, a commonly used virtualization platform, has an optional software plug-in or add-on known as VSA (vSphere Storage Appliance).  The main function performed by the VSA add-on is to create a shared storage pool and replicate data between internal components of the pool as needed to create high data availability.  The concept used by the VSA system is well understood in the industry, and has been embodied in non-VMware products such as LeftHand (produced by HP). 

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Outsourced IT Solves Issue of Emergencies and Workflow Spikes

Posted on Thu, May 9, 2013

Businesses and organizations are switching to outsourced IT for a number of different reasons.  One of the most significant is that it allows small and medium-sized businesses to greatly reduce the size of their IT departments, if not eliminate them, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity

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Tags: IT Support, Managed Programs, Outsourced IT Support, IT company, Outsourced IT, Staff Augmentation

Managed Services and Dynamic Data Centers

Posted on Tue, May 7, 2013

Data centers have a key role in most business organizations today, with their use growing each year among small and medium-sized businesses.  IT services in the 21st century can help organizations take the next step in data center functionality, turning them into highly efficient dynamic data centers that optimize all aspects of their operations from the use of applications to network storage capacity.  What makes these data centers dynamic as opposed to the previous generation of data centers is their ability to consume as-needed rather than having large amounts of dedicated resources to run them.

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Tags: Managed Services, Data Centers

IT Security Vulnerabilities Identified in Intel CPU Hardware

Posted on Mon, May 6, 2013

US-CERT has identified a huge threat to your company's IT security. Several 64-bit operating systems as well as virtualization applications using Intel processors are at risk of being exploited by a "local privilege escalation attack." The exposed operating system are based on x86-64 architecture, including Windows Server 2003 SP2, Server 2008 R2; Windows 7, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and operating systems utilizing XenServer Hypervisor.
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Tags: IT Services, IT Security, Virtualization

The New Way SMBs Interface With The Cloud

Posted on Thu, May 2, 2013

As more and more SMBs discover the benefits of the cloud, it is becoming increasingly clear that sometimes, third-party applications offer the best types of tools for interfacing with a cloud environment. Companies looking to make the most of their new cloud environment will need to migrate their mission-critical applications onto it. Other useful functions provided by third-party tools include monitoring the cloud environment and allowing for automated provisioning of virtual machines.

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Tags: Cloud Computing, cloud solutions, Cloud storage

7 Warning Signs Your Network Has Been Hacked!

Posted on Wed, May 1, 2013

You’ve implemented the firewalls and other security mechanisms, documented the policies and procedures, sent out the periodic reminders, and instituted the password policies, but it can still happen – your network could be hacked or hijacked. It can be hard to tell though - network connection can slow due to testing procedures, installing updates, or other functions. Still, it is beneficial for every organization to recognize when that an area of your network has been hacked.

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Tags: firewalls

Top 10 Reasons Why Tape Backups Suck

Posted on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

From the "brain" of Jeff Lauria, Dir. of Technology

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Tags: Data Backup

Virtualization Storage - Block Level

Posted on Thu, Apr 25, 2013

Some businesses and organizations that have already implemented a managed services approach as part of their IT solutions suite may already have heard of "block level storage virtualization," but for others, the term will be a new one.

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Tags: Virtualization, Storage, Network Design

Think Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Is a Big Deal? 5 Things that are Much Harder

Posted on Wed, Apr 24, 2013

By Chris Stephenson, Co-Founder

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Tags: Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Hyper-V Server 2012: Virtualization Review

Posted on Tue, Apr 23, 2013

Microsoft Hyper-V is its third generation virtualization software available as part of Server 2012 or as a free standalone package. Even though its core offering is free, you'll now gain features that you previously would have expected to pay for. This can certainly be a game changer to organizations looking to save money on licensing while benefiting their IT infrastructure. Let's look at some of Hyper-V's biggest highlights.

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Tags: Virtualization, Hyper-V

Bureau of Labor Statistics Predicts IT Consulting Growth

Posted on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

In his pre-election address, President Obama spoke of the need for job creation and economic growth in 2012-2013, proposing stimulus grants and tax incentives to aid the process.  One employment sector predicted to grow in the coming years is the IT space. With many new IT jobs focusing on core functions provided by the managed program approach to managing a company's environment, an upward growth trend is expected into the new year. 

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Tags: IT Consulting, Managed Programs

3 IT Security Advantages of Mobile Data Management

Posted on Fri, Apr 19, 2013

Since mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones contain their own native IT security measures, some business leaders and IT managers question the need for the additional security that can be provided by a mobile data management system.  The simple answer to this question is that mobile data management programs can serve to both enforce and provision the native security present on handheld devices.  A more nuanced answer, however, would point out that MDM products could produce an "integrated security" environment in which mobile devices become not only more secure, but also far more useful to the organization.

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Tags: Security, Data Management, Mobility

Top 3 Reasons to Consider SaaS

Posted on Thu, Apr 18, 2013

When it comes to provisioning themselves with expert IT support, Philadelphia businesses are increasingly migrating to the SaaS or Software as a Service model.  This change in approach brings with it a range of powerful benefits.

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