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The Advantages of Scale-Out Storage


Most small and medium-sized businesses are well aware of the crucial importance of controlling costs across the entire spectrum of their organizations, including costs associated with their computing environments.  Yet to cut costs in this area can often result in repercussions across a wide range of departments, since in the current business world, most enterprises rely heavily on IT solutions to help them carry out their core competencies.

Managed Services: Dynamic Data Centers

Managed services

Data centers occupy a key place in most business organizations these days, with their use growing each year among small and medium-sized businesses.  IT services in the 21st century can help enterprises take the next step in data center functions, turning them into highly efficient dynamic data centers that optimize all aspects of their operations from the use of applications to network storage capacity.  What makes these data centers dynamic as opposed to the previous generation of data centers is their ability to consume resources on an as-needed basis rather than having large amounts of dedicated resources routed to them whether those resources were needed or not.

Fault Tolerance Issues

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery involves the establishment and maintenance of plans and procedures that can be used to help an enterprise recover IT functionality after a loss of data due to natural disaster or more commonly, extensive power failure at a local level.  Fault tolerance, while sometimes linked with the concept of disaster recovery, is actually a distinct concept that enterprises need to keep in mind as they construct IT support and service plans.

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