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IT Support Enhancements: Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing IT

In some business environments, it can take time for an organization to realize the benefits inherent to a technological structure installed, maintained, and monitored as part of an overall managed programs approach to IT support.  Desktop sharing is a case in point.

IT Solutions: Your Guide to File-Sharing Applications

iCorps File-Sharing Guide

Businesses organizations are used to dealing with complexities related to core competencies.  Handling complexities that arise from the influx of IT solutions on the market, both free and paid, is another issue completely.  IT administrators are now in the position of needing to sort out the various collaboration applications and file-sharing products that are widely available via the World Wide Web. 

Two Basic Benefits of SharePoint Technology

SharePoint Technology

Cloud technologies are becoming more familiar to business users thanks to the widespread use of remote applications such as Gmail and Google Docs.  Less familiar to some users is the SharePoint system, first released by Microsoft in 2001 to provide, as the name suggests, shared access to centrally located data that resides on a central server.  SharePoint can be installed as a separate service or can be implemented as part of Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Standard Suite or as part of the new Office 365 platform.  

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