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The Importance of Layered Security

Network security

Layered security is at the core of the new guidelines being offered by the FFIEC (the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council), which defines the term as “the use of different controls at different points in a transaction process so that a weakness in one control is generally compensated for by the strength of a different control.”  Layered security most often refers to IT solutions in place in the banking industry, but it is also a useful strategy for any business or organization that deals with financial matters.  Since nearly every business and non-profit needs to both take and issue payments, this includes virtually every business in the United States. 

Managed Services: Identity Authentication

Managed services

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released a new set of electronic authentication guidelines designed to assist businesses with methods to secure themselves from insider threats to the security and integrity of data.  The last time such guidance was issued was back in 2006, but during the years that have elapsed, both threats and the computing environment have evolved into new forms that require new levels of protection. 

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